Club Handbook

(This information is accurate at time of posting and may change without notice.)

The Mavericks Club Handbook is a guide to club operations, management, policies and expectations. The purpose of the handbook is to provide parents and players with a complete package of information about the club and its operations and policies. It is intended to be a quick guide to the important aspects of the club.

The Mavericks Water Polo Club... a not-for-profit, membership-based organization. The club is registered under the Ontario Business Corporations Act and has adopted a by-law governing the affairs of the corporation. A copy of the by-laws is available to all members.

The Board of Directors that manage, along with coaches, the long-term strategy and day-to-day business of the club is elected each year at the club’s AGM.

The Mavericks and its coaches make every effort to provide a fun, safe, and healthy environment for our members. We have a number of policies and principles that we enforce that are outlined in this section. Parents and athletes should familiarize themselves with the information that follows.


Coaches decide on who plays during games and how much: we adhere to this simple rule at every level. The coaches take into account the player’s ability (skill level, fitness level, tactical understanding), game situation, tournament (or game) level, player’s practice record, and their ability/willingness to follow a game plan, among other considerations. Because of the club’s competitive focus, it is not required that play time in a tournament be evenly distributed. Our coaches are aware that players need competitive play time to improve, and they will look for appropriate tournament and game situations to ensure all players receive opportunities.

It is very important for players to understand that the place to earn playing time is in practice, and it takes commitment and hard work. As a player, it is always fair to ask a coach: "What can I do to improve to the point that I will be called on to play?"

Key Points:

  1. Player selection to a tournament is the sole responsibility of the coach.
  2. Player rotation is the sole responsibility of the coach.
  3. Game playing time will rarely be equitable.
  4. Supporting the coach’s decisions is requested from both players and parents.


1. Athletes: Players should always feel that their coach is available to discuss any issue with them.
An athlete may approach his or her coach to topics such as skills, tactics, coaching, practice, game or tournament situations, or bullying) at any time that is not disruptive to a practice or game. The coach may address the question immediately or ask that they resume the conversation at more appropriate time.
2. Parents: Athlete’s parents may request a meeting with a coach to discuss their son’s or daughter’s, play, progress etc. Coaches will make every effort to schedule the meeting as soon as possible upon receiving the request. Please refrain from discussing these issues during tournaments (a more appropriate time would be before or after the first practice back). Also, please schedule meetings before or after practice so that coaches can fully focus on the athletes during workout.

Code of Conduct

All players must read the code of conduct.

Key Points:

  1. At practice, in change rooms, at tournaments, in hotels and anytime you participate in a club sponsored or supported event, you are acting as an ambassador of the club and must behave in a manner that reflects positively on the club as a whole.
  2. Respect is the foundation for a healthy attitude towards sport. Please, at all times, show respect for:
    • Your coaches
    • Your teammates
    • The opposition
    • Parents, fans and spectators
    • Other people using facilities, change rooms etc.
    • Officials, chaperones and volunteers on team trips
  3. For the safety of all, at no time are you to leave a practice facility, game site, hotel room or any team function without first notifying (and receiving permission from) the people in charge (coach, chaperone, driver etc).
  4. Curfew: On trips, strict adherence to announced curfews is mandatory.
  5. No athlete of any age is permitted to consume any alcoholic beverage at any tournament/event that includes underage athletes.
    Under age drinking and drug use is illegal. There is no place for either at any club event.
  6. The Mavericks encourage a non-smoking mandate and provide a non-smoking environment for our athletes — please see our Non-Smoking Policy Statement here.

Parent Volunteers

It is a mandatory condition of membership that at least one volunteer from each athlete’s family contribute in club administration, tournament coordination, organizing social activities, etc. Many families do much more than their share – and we appreciate their dedication.

Spend some time thinking about the ways you can get involved with the club — it makes membership more fun when parents are active in club events, without their support the club comes to a screeching halt. There is a list of volunteer duties we need help with and a volunteer coordinator who can help you find a role to fill. Ask your manager or any board member for more information.

Financial Information


Club Dues: cover training, coaching and pool costs for the current season running from mid-September of to mid June of the following calendar year. (Fee levels available here.)

OWP Registration: The Ontario Water Polo registration fee is included in the club dues amount.

Tournament Account: This figure is a deposit that is either refundable (if it is not used up) or will need to be topped up (if the account runs to zero or below). This is an estimated cost to cover tournament entries and a player’s portion of any shared costs (coach’s travel for example). If you play in two age groups (a bantam playing up at cadet for example) you will almost certainly exceed this amount and have to top up your account. Managers will try to let everyone know their tournament account status at two points during the year.

Volunteer Deposit: Members are required to make a payment of $150 or $200, depending on their level. There is only 1 Volunteer Charge per family, no matter how many family members are club members. Members or their family members can re-earn this payment by signing up for a variety of volunteer opportunities such as board member, team manager, tournament convenor, acting as a minor official at events etc.

Payment: Cheques should be made payable to YORK MAVERICKS WATER POLO and can be delivered to any board member or your team manager. Please do not give payment to coaches.

Installments/post dated cheques: Members may pay their dues in installment using post-dated cheques upon registration.
FIRST PAYMENT DATE : Make Cheque payable on September 11
SECOND PAYMENT DATE : Make Cheque payable on November 1
THIRD PAYMENT DATE : Make Cheque payable on December 15


Should you decide part way through the season that you no longer wish to continue your membership, you may be entitled to a refund. Any player resigning from the club must deliver written notice to the President and primary team manager and refund calculations will be made from the date of receipt of that notification. OWP fees are not recoverable and therefore, non-refundable. Club fees and Volunteer deposits are refundable based on the following timetable and calculations:

  • Through September 30 of registration year1 - (FULL CLUB FEE + Volunteer Deposit - OWP Registration) x 90%
  • October 1 through October 31 of registration year1 - (FULL CLUB FEE + Volunteer Deposit  - OWP Registration) x 70%
  • November 1 through December 15 of registration year1 - (FULL CLUB FEE + Volunteer Deposit - OWP Registration) x 40%
  • December 16 through January 15 of registration year1 - (FULL CLUB FEE + Volunteer Deposit - OWP Registration) x 15%
  • January 16 and beyond - NO REFUND


1) ‘Registration year’ Runs from September 1 through May 30

2) If you received any ‘DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP’, that discount was offered contingent on a full year’s participation — you forfeit that discount by withdrawing from the club and any refund will be calculated accordingly (ie. If you received a $100 membership discount, that $100 will be deducted from any refund that might be payable.)


We urge anyone with sponsorship connections to please contact any board member and we can help provide assistance (if required) in crafting an approach to any potential sponsor.

Corporate Sponsorships

The Mavericks Water Polo Club will gladly accept financial corporate sponsorships and gifts in kind to help fund our programs and run our club. In return for their generosity, corporate donors will be acknowledged with:

  • a thank you letter and club photo
  • mention on our website
  • mention in our tournament programs
  • signage in our display case (upon completion) at the Etobicoke Olympium.

We are also willing to be creative in how we deal with and thank our sponsors. If other ideas for appreciation/recognition are offered, we will gratefully review any proposal (e.g. logos on uniforms, corporate polo day etc.)

All corporate sponsors must be approved by the Mavericks Board.

Charitable Donations

Mavericks Water Polo is a not for profit corporation, but it does NOT have charitable status. However, individuals or businesses may make charitable donations to support the club and receive a tax receipt, by making a charitable donation to Water Polo Canada and designating the donation to Club Development -Mavericks Water Polo. Please note that such charitable donations may not under any circumstances be designated to support an individual player. They may be directed toward the club as a whole or to support an NCL team. For further information, please contact

Club Policies

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