Notice of Warning:

There is a potential risk for injury involved in training and participating in the sport of water polo. The Ontario Water Polo Association Incorporated (OWP) and Mavericks Water Polo have tried to create a safe and controlled environment for participation. The OWP and The Mavericks have established rules for participation and conduct that should be followed. Some hazards, which may lead to catastrophic situations include: slips on the pool deck or surrounding area, chlorine leaks, ball injuries and personal body contact injuries, etc.

By continuing with this registration process, I acknowledge and fully understand and agree to assume all risks and hazards involved in and arising out of my activities with OWP and the Mavericks Water Polo Club. I hereby waive, release, forego, and relinquish any and all claims, demands, suits, actions or causes of action which I may have against the directors, employees, and organization's activities. In the event that my family doctor cannot be contacted or is unable to attend in an emergency, I hereby authorize and direct The Mavericks Water Polo Club to choose a doctor to attend to me or my child.

By continuing with registration, I agree to and will abide to all the OWP and the Maverick's Water Polo Club's policies.

As a parent or guardian of a minor I provide consent for my minor child to participate with the OWP and the Mavericks Water Polo Club.